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Let's Braid It

Just contact us through our site to see exactly what our professionals can help you with.


Sew in Extensions

Our sew in extensions service provides an assortment of options to help you change up or redefine your look. They are completed by skilled, qualified beauticians that will review hair options with you to get the look you want. The service is perfect for self-pampering or for creating the perfect look for any occasion. Services include partial and full sew-in options while offering optimal protection to natural hair without damage. Our service is completed using high-quality hair extensions available in a wide variety of color shades, lengths, and styles.

Brazilian Straight Hair

Our Brazilian Straight hair is completely unprocessed and ready for you to use. The way that Brazilian straight hair shines and styles is like no other hair type. All of our hair is human hair that is naturally beautiful. Come and let our stylists help you to create the look that will have you as the trendsetter. You are beautiful. We want to help you to create the hairstyle that showcases your natural beauty. You appointment is waiting for you to call and make it.


Do you have long hair that you don’t know what to do with? Do you want to have a unique look that stands out and looks great? Then you can benefit from the braiding offered at our salon. Whether your hair goes down your back or stops at your shoulder, braiding your hair will give you a beautiful easy to manage look that only requires occasional maintenance to keep looking like the first day you got it. Visit our shop and ask one of our beauticians if braiding is the right look for you, today.


If you’re looking for hair extensions to add to your natural beauty or want to give your hair extra depth and volume, then visit our salon for our selection of weaves. We provide a variety of hair options, to include virgin Indian hair, to give you the best selection available. The weaves you can find at our salon will complement your own natural beauty and give you amazing results. So what are you waiting for? Visit our salon today.


Whether you want to restore your braids or try a bold new look, if you have ever wanted your hair done up in a nice tight and attractive cornrow, then you can count on us. Our salon works with men and women with all types of hair to provide great looking cornrows every time. You can enjoy a look that’s growing in popularity every day that’s perfect whether you want to keep your hair out of the way or want to enjoy a bold traditional look. All you have to do is visit our salon and one of our beauticians will be glad to do your hair.

African Style Braiding

For many fans of braided hair, there’s no greater sign of beauty than a well-treated set of African style braiding. But finding the right beauty expert to give you a great looking braid is a challenge unless you come and visit our beauty salon. Our beauticians specialize in transforming your hair into something amazing in the African style. You’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful and traditional look that will be customized to highlight your best features. Friends and loved ones will be amazed by how great you look, so come on down to our salon, today.

Senegal Twist

Are you looking for an amazing new look for your medium or long length hair? Do you want to enjoy the beautiful look of traditional Senegal fashions? Then our beauty salon is here to help with our Senegal Twists. When you visit, our beauticians will handle the work in giving you a gorgeous new look that provides an amazing new style for you to work with. Best of all is that our team can give you this style fast and will teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your beautiful new style. So if you want the Senegal Twist, visit us today.

Faux Locs

In recent years, faux locs on natural hair beauties have become more and more popular. Faux locs are a great protective style that allows wearers to change up their look and give their natural hair a break. Styling transitioning hair can sometimes be a challenge, so faux locs can give you a much-needed break from dealing with the two textures.

Box Braids

Do you enjoy braids but want a beautiful look that highlights your face and smile? Then you might be interested in trying out a box braid weaved together by the beauty experts at our beauty salon. This look will give you the style and elegance of tightly woven braids while keeping everything in a nice box shape. This is great for giving you a playful and fun appearance that doesn’t get in the way of seeing your face. Your friends will be amazed by your bold new look, so what are you waiting for? Visit our salon today.

Nubian Twist

As with many two-strand twist styles, Nubian twists can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Nubian twists use a special hair type of hair extension called Nubian hair to achieve the look. The hair creates a more defined two-strand twist that can resemble a spring. Nubian twist hairstyles are a classic and harmless way to braid hair. Promotes hair growth, length retention, lightweight and versatility.


Crochet braids have become quite a phenomenon in recent years. This widely popular trend is everything clients are looking for – an inexpensive, natural-looking, low maintenance hairstyle that can be worn any time of the year. The technique, which allows you to wear extensions without pulling at natural strands, is consistently sought after because of its versatility. This hairstyle has become every girl’s favorite as it gives a great, radical look yet maintaining the natural and stylish feel.

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